Best Friends Forever! Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 49th Birthday With Courteney Cox

Date February 22, 2018

Actress Jennifer Aniston recently announced she was ending her two-year marriage to Justin Theroux, and it seems she’s been leaning on best friend Courteney Cox for support.

This comes as no surprise because the Friends co-stars have maintained a stable relationship since they were in the TV series together.


Happy birthday, Jennifer

For Jennifer’s 49th birthday, she spent time with all her closest friends, including Courteney. In fact, the former "Cougar Town" star, 53, hosted the intimate bash at her Malibu home.

Friends star Jennifer, who played Rachel Green in the popular comedy series, and Courteney, 53, who played Monica Geller, have always remained very close since the show came to an end – and it seems even years on, the duo is closer than ever.

They're just doing their job! #bloopers

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Jennifer previously gushed about her co-stars, including Courteney, just three years ago in Vogue magazine.

We’re lucky to actually love each other. We’re really fortunate that there’s not a bad seed in the bunch and yes, we were all really friends and cared about each other and had each other’s backs. We went through some really challenging times personally and were there for each other.

Jennifer Aniston was feeling strong after her decision to split, but ever since the public announcement, she's had to lean on none other than her friend Courteney Cox for support.


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Nothing but love for the birthday girl

Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston!

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On Jen's birthday, a lot of fans celebrated the actress via social media. Even celebrity friends sent heartwarming messages.

We are so happy that Jennifer has friends to lean on during tough times; true friendship should never be taken for granted. On a scale of one to ten, how hopeful are you for a Friends reunion? Share your reasons with us in the comment section.

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