Fatal Car Accident: Luke Wilson Is A Hero, And Bill Haas Has No Serious Injuries


How fast can a human life end? Is it calculated in seconds, minutes, or hours? Or maybe, in miles per hour? It really doesn’t matter much. What matters, though, is the cause of death. And one of the most horrible causes is car accidents.

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In loving memory of Paul Walker

"No wagers. Nobody else. Just you and me, once and for all.” #FastFive #TeamPW

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It has been 4 years already, since Paul Walker’s death in a terrifying car crash. The star of Fast and Furious film franchise was found dead alongside with his financial adviser Roger Rodas in a burnt-out mess, what used to be a Porsche Carrera GT. Men had no drugs or alcohol in their blood. Many more fatal crashes are happened all around the world. Sadly, such kind of deaths sometimes cannot be avoidable. Humans simply make mistakes. And sometimes, those mistakes are deadly.

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Luke Wilson and Bill Haas were involved in a fatal car crash

Somebody made a lethal mistake on the Valentine’s Day this year. The driver and, allegedly, a friend of pro golfer Bill Haas died in a car crash, while the golfer was sitting next to him on the passenger seat. It all happened in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. Bill Haas was released next morning without any life-threatening injuries. The driver of the second vehicle was taken to a hospital and is alive as well. Moreover, there was a third vehicle, driven by actor Luke Wilson, younger brother of Owen Wilson, known for his role in Legally Blonde (2001). Wilson did not suffer any serious injuries and helped a woman to get out of the second vehicle, who was stuck in a damaged car. Remember, when Harrison Ford did the same?

People are praying for all involved

This news definitely attracted a lot of attention from society. Community tries to be supporting, acknowledging the importance of car accidents issue.

Let's hope every car would be as safe as Elon Mask's Tesla Roadster in space right now and there would be less car accidents all around the world!

P.S. Always remember to fasten your seat belts! Stay safe!

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