Paul Simon Announces His Retirement From Touring To Spend More Time With His Family

Date February 9, 2018

Paul Simon is retiring. The announcement was made after he shared plans to go on the road for the aptly tagged Farewell Tour.

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Simon's career

In a heartfelt letter to his fans, Simon, 76, said the death of Vincent N'guini, the lead guitarist of his band, had contributed to his decision to retire.

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Vincent had been with the band for thirty years and was Simon’s close friend. He died in December 2017.

Anyone who has loved the legend from his days as one half of the group, Simon and Garfunkel, will likely receive this news with some sadness. Simon is credited with writing some of the chart-topping songs that made the duo famous.

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More family time

Simon's farewell after a seven-decade career is also because of his immediate family. The singer said time away from his wife, Eddie Brickell, and family, made performing less fun. He made sure to state that his voice was still great and his band could still put on a good show.

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What's more, Simon will not abandon singing altogether. He will continue to perform. The proceeds from these occasional performances will go to charity, particularly those focused on saving the planet.


Notable retirements

Among the notable singers who have announced their retirement recently, Neil Diamond stands out. Diamond revealed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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He announced his retirement days before he turned 77.

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