Kate Middleton Donated Her Hair To Children’s Cancer Charity

Date January 29, 2018 18:49

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her devotion to charity. She has supported many organizations, but this time, she decided to take a little more personal approach: Kate donated her hair to a children cancer charity foundation that make wigs for young patients.

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Little Princess Trust

Little Princess Trust is a charity organization based in the Herefordshire, UK. They make high-quality wigs using real hair and give them for free to children who lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment or any other illness.

The foundation was organized by Simon and Wendy Tarplee as a memory of their daughter Hannah who died from cancer when she was 5 years old. The headmaster, Tim Lowe, has also become a part of it.

Kate’s Locks

Kate Middleton decided to donate seven inches of her hair when she was having it cut by a hairdresser at Kensington Palace.

The Duchess of Cambridge wanted to do something good with it, instead of throwing the unwanted locks away.

The hair was sent under someone else’s name so that nobody would know that it was from a royal source.

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Other Famous Donations

Kate Middleton is not the first famous person who donated her hair to charity.

Harry Styles, a former One Direction member, cut off his ponytail and sent it to the Trust in 2016.

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Gina Rodriguez donated her hair to Locks of Love.

So did Amanda Seyfried.

Ann Curry cut her hair live on air and gave it to Locks of Love.

British model Lily Cole offered her red locks to the Little Princess Trust, too.

The Little Princess Trust helped a lot of children by providing them with beautiful wigs. Simon and Wendy Tarplee hope that they will make kids as happy as they did little Hannah when she was wearing a wig.

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