Rihanna And Hassan Jameel: Lovebirds Are Spotted In Paris

Date January 24, 2018

Many of us love Rihanna. It will be hard to find a person on this planet who hasn’t heard about the singer or who’s never performed in the shower “Umbrella-ella-ella.” But who is Hassan Jameel and why R&B princess is so infatuated with him?

Hassan Jemeel is not just Rihanna’s boyfriend, he’s a Saudi businessman and some time in the future will become an owner of the biggest companies in the world, including Toyota. He’s the face of modern Saudi business and is even acquainted with British royalty.

It is said that Jameel’s family is worth over $15.3 billion and is considered to be one of the wealthiest Arabic families in the world. So, we can be sure Rihanna will “shine bright like a diamond” in both literal and figurative sense. The friends of famous singer say that the couple is very serious and that Rihanna is happily in love.


No wonder they chose Paris, the city of love, as their romantic getaway place. But Paris is also the city of fashion, and Rihanna is fitting perfectly well with her plaid Burberry hat and a long black coat. Even though the singer has her own cosmetic line Fenty Beauty, which is highly popular among the masses, she opted for a natural no-makeup look.

While it’s hard to say how long the attractive-looking couple has been dating, they seem to be happy together and enjoy each other’s company.

The "Diamond" star had previously dated a lot of famous men, and we can say for sure she doesn’t have a particular type.

Rihanna and Drake

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Rihanna and Leonardo di Caprio

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Rihanna and Chris Brown

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Judging by how happy RiRi looks now, we can only hope that Hassan Jameel will be the one to “put a ring on it.”

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