Mark Wahlberg Donates $1.5M To Time’s Up Initiative And Co-Star, Michelle Williams, Responds

Date February 2, 2018 12:30

Time’s Up! A movement which saw celebs at the Golden Globes in their all-black attires has no doubt gained more grounds. Actress Michelle Williams responds to co-star Mark Wahlberg’s donation to the Legal Defense Fund to the Time’s Up movement.

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Mark Wahlberg and his $1.5M donation

Mark Wahlberg is a 46-year-old American Actor, producer, businessman, and songwriter. Mark has acted in numerous movies like Deep Water Horizon, Lone Survivor, Patriots Day and a host of many others.

In 2017, he acted in the movie All The Money in the World together with actress Michelle Williams. Since it was revealed that Mark made much more than Michelle on the reshoot of the movie, the actor donated the sum of $1.5M to the Time’s Up initiative under Michelle’s name.

Michelle Williams’ response.

Michelle Williams on learning of her costar’s donation released a statement reacting to the donation. In her statement, she acknowledged all those who stood by her, activists who taught her how to use her voice; Mark Wahlberg, WME and a host of men and women who contributed to the Time’s up initiative.

What others are saying.

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Actresses Judd Apatow and Jessica Chastain among many others were outraged over the pay difference between Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg. Several people were upset Mark was paid $1.5M to reshoot the film All The Money in the World, while Michelle only got $80 a day.

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Fans have taken to social media to express their opinions over the difference in pay. Others feel Mark shouldn’t have to be bullied into donating the money, while others are of the opinion that Michelle's agency is at fault for not negotiating a better deal.

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Even though a lot of people are on opposite sides of this issue, it’s good to see actors and actresses sharing each other’s pain and supporting the Time’s Up movement.

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