2018 SAG Awards: Kristen Bell's Best Moments And Statements

Date January 25, 2018

I was nervous initially because there’s never been a host, because why or not will they choose me, because it seems like a lot of responsibility. - Kristen Bell

For the first time ever, the annual award show featured a host for the star-studded event. It was Kristen Bell.

About Kristen Bell

The 37-year-old actress came into the movie industry staring in stage productions. She also went on to attend Tisch School of Arts in New York.

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Thanks to her incredible sense of humor, she has since been featured in several wildly successful comedy films. So far, she has received a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television.

Highlights of her performance at the SAG Awards

The event was not only star-studded, it was also a fun-filled time with Kristen bringing in her hilarious A-game.

But beyond humor, Bell gave such an inspiring speech when she mentioned that the SAG Awards is a show for actors by actors. However, she continued by emphasizing that this wasn’t just for the actors in the room.

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The mother of two pointed out that the SAG Awards was also a show for the upcoming actors who have been turned down from several commercial auditions in the past. It was for them to know that their dreams are valid and worth the wait.

This is a show for you, to entice you to stick around.

2018 SAG Awards

The SAG Awards had another break from tradition. For the first time, this year’s event had only female presenters.

We believe this was in a bid to follow the already ongoing crusade against gender discrimination and the cry for women equality in the industry.

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Whether they were all females or both females and males, what we can’t take away from the event was that it was indeed a colorful one.

Our hearty congratulatory message goes to all the nominees and winners of 2018 SAG Awards.

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