Highest Nominated Artist Leaves With Nothing After Grammy Awards Ceremony

Date January 31, 2018

Some hip-hop fans are seriously not happy after the Grammy Awards.

Some of Jay-Z's fans are really upset, while many have been left bewildered. The questions being thrown around are “How did this happen?” and “Where did it go wrong?”

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Jay-Z had just launched a massive album not too long ago. The publicity was on point, and everyone had tipped him to win awards on the prestigious night way before the commencement of the ceremony. However, it was quite shocking to see that it was not quite the case on awards night. He was snubbed.

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Jay-Z was the highest nominated artist

The 4:44 album was arguably Jay-Z’s best project ever! The manner in which it was launched only made it more spectacular. It came after Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album where she exposed her spouse’s alleged infidelity.

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He then responded with his 4:44 album where he revealed a more vulnerable side while admitting his flaws, and also spoke about uplifting the black community.

He didn’t win any awards

Considering he was the highest nominated artist of the night, fans were surely expecting him to grab as many awards as possible. Apparently, Jay-Z was unable to beat off stiff competition, despite being nominated for 8 different categories.

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Being the top star he is, it is unlikely Jay-Z would break a swear over this snub. In total, the hip-hop star has won 21 Grammys, with his first coming way back in 1998! He probably has no room for more awards.

Fans are not happy

After the surprise of the night, fans took to social media to express their anger and bemusement over the outcome of this award ceremony.

Here is some of what they had to say:

Some fans also cheekily claimed Jay-Z's loss was due to the fact he cheated on Beyonce.

What do you think about the Grammy Awards ceremony? Did Jay-Z deserve to be snubbed despite being the highest nominated artist of the night?

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