Golden Globes 2018: Three Women Who Didn't Follow The Dress Code

Date January 12, 2018

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony was not just a show stopper, it was also an all-black event as both actors and actresses rocked their black suits and gowns on the red carpet.

The all-black dress code was aimed to support the Time’s Up movement. However, some people decided to break the code.

Barbara Meier

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Barbara Meier is a German model and actress who is best known as the winner of the second season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. As an actress, she’s known for her role in The Pasta Detectives 2 and a couple of other movies.

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Barbara was one of the three women who showed up at the Golden Globes in different color. She is of the opinion that women don’t have to dress in black to be taken seriously. And as such, she showed up in a beautiful beige floral gown.

Meher Tatna

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Meher Tatna is a producer as well as an actress. She is also Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. President. Just like other two ladies who appeared in color, Meher wore a bright red gown and matching coat.

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Blanca Blanco

Blanca Blanco is an American actress born to immigrant parents in California. Blanca took acting and singing classes at a very young age.

Blanca is a regular person on many public events. So, it was no surprise when she showed up at the Golden Globe Awards. But what really got people talking is the color of her dress.

While each of these women has shown their support for the Time's Up movement, comments kept trailing their 2018 Golden Globes appearance.

While some feel it’s a PR strategy, some are just glad they brought a little color to the all-black event.

Black or not, the world is just glad that celebrities have taken the issues of sexual harassment and assault against women a step further.

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