Award-Winning Actress Michelle Williams Finds Love Ten Years After Her Ex-Partner, Heath Ledger's, Death

Date January 19, 2018 18:45

It’s been said that the rich also cry; perhaps we could also add the famous as well. Love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes, it comes to an end when death comes knocking, or when partners go their separate ways in divorce.

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This was the case with actress Michelle Williams. Apparently, she has now found love again 10 years after the death of her former partner, Heath Ledger, with whom she also had a child.

About Heath Ledger

Her partner Heath Ledger died 10 years ago, precisely 2008. Before his passing, he was known to have been addicted to drugs, partying, and a bunch of other activities that drove him away from the love and care of his family. He was literally on his own.

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The day before Ledger passed on, he carried on his normal life activities after filming, but it was noted that he was depressed and unhappy because he could not see his daughter. Sadly, he fell asleep that night but never woke up again. He passed from sleep unto death.

Report says, he died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

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Finding love again

Love sure fills the air again as Michelle is now engaged to Andrew Youmans. Andrew, who is a New-York financier, has been carefully kept away from the spotlight by Michelle.

Who is Michelle Williams?

Michelle was born in 1980, and she first appeared on screen in a 1993 episode of Baywatch. She had to fight through low-paying roles to rise to where she is today. At a time, a collaboration with two other women actresses brought about the script called Blink. This never saw the light of day as it was never produced.

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In the lifetime of her career, she has received four Academy Awards, One Golden Globe Award, and been nominated a number of times for other roles she played in different movies. She has sure had her fair share of the limelight.

We congratulate the actress on her new-found love and wish her all the best in her relationship.

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