Ahead Of Christmas, Popular Evangelist And Motivational Speaker, Nick Vujicic, Welcomes Twin Girls To The Family

Date December 26, 2017 13:08

On Father’s day celebration this year, Nick took to Facebook to make an important announcement to the world. The then father of two boys, Kiyoshi, 4, and Dejan, 2, told his followers that his wife was pregnant, and they had just confirmed they were having twins!

Nick and Wife Welcome 2 Additions to the Family

Just a few days ago, the evangelist and motivational speaker, who is known to many as the “limbless evangelist,” put up another post announcing that their due date was Wednesday, 20th Dec, 2017.

On the exact day, which incidentally was his wife’s birthday, she delivered their set of twin girls, Olivia Mei and Ellie Laurel.

Nick and His Family

With the arrival of the twin girls, the Vujicics are now a family of 6 with equal males and females in the mix!

Back in 2014, Nick granted an interview with The Christian Post where he spoke about the experience raising their son, Kiyoshi. In describing parenthood, the international speaker said:

I can say nothing ever can prepare you for parenthood. You just jump in with both feet and roll with the punches.


About Nick and Living Without Limbs

The globally renowned motivational speaker said at the age of 13, he read an article about a disabled man who went on to live an enviable life. So he quickly figured that God must have great plans for him as well.

By the time he was 17, he started speaking in churches and also founded a non-profit “Life Without Limbs.” At 19, he spoke at his first big event and has been at it ever since, going all over the world and encouraging people that anything is possible.


Due to his level of influence and popularity, Pastor Bobby Schuller has described Nick as this generations’ Billy Graham. He once told Nick:

You are such an inspiring storyteller, and I think that a lot of people when they listen to you, they feel like they can do anything.

We are so happy to see Nick making progress in all ramifications of his life. Congrats Nick, on the arrival of your twin girls. May God continue to be with you all.

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