Kylie Jenner Gets Slammed For Attending Coachella Two Months After Her Baby Was Born

Date April 20, 2018

Kylie Jenner is back to posting photos on Instagram, and her handle is constantly flooded with pictures of little Stormi. And her fans are loving every moment. Even proud daddy Travis Scott is sharing pictures of the adorable baby on his own handle.

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Last week, Kylie shared this snap of her taking Stormi for a walk. It was a pretty sunny day, so Stormi was much covered and out of sight.

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At this rate, it might not be long before Stormi gets her own Instagram handle. It’s unlikely there will be any competition for fans in the future, but we never can tell.

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Kylie gets slammed for leaving Stormi for Coachella

Fans of the new mom are generally upset after Kylie traveled to California to attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

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She even shared pictures from her time partying, including this one where she was on a bus and sipping out of a red cup. The photo has gotten more than 4 million likes since she shared it over the weekend.

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However, some Kylie fans have criticized her for "ditching" Stormi.

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It has been two months since Stormi was born, and some fans feel that it is too soon to leave a baby with a babysitter. Furthermore, questions are being asked about whether or not Kylie is even breastfeeding the baby.

Concerns about babysitters

Other fans feel that Kylie made adequate arrangements for Stormi to be taken care of before her trip. And they are right. Judging from how closely the Kardashian family is, it is unlikely that nobody would be concerned about Kylie traveling to Coachella without Stormi.

It is somewhat ironic that Kylie is the only one facing the heat. Travis Scott was also at Coachella, and nobody seems to have a problem with him. If anything else, they should both be queried about Stormi. After all, parenting is a two-person affair in their case.

Kylie shows her love for Stormi in the sweetest ways

Besides the pictures she is always sharing, Kylie is constantly finding ways to show how much she loves her daughter. She even launched a makeup collection under Kylie Cosmetics that was inspired by little Stormi.

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Kylie recently also got this classy acrylic manicure done at the Modern Pamper Salon in North Hollywood, and it also had a little Stormi in it. In addition, a silver “S” was placed on her pinky just for little Stormi. How adorable.


Kylie's trip to Coachella may get her bad press, but it is still pretty clear she loves her daughter and does her best to take care of her.

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