Tom Cruise And John Travolta's Scientology Feud Is Still An Issue

Date December 7, 2018 17:13

Priscilla Presley is one of the early famous members of the Church of Scientology. She became a member just after the death of her husband, Elvis Presley. She was once rumored to have left the church, but this was never confirmed.


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Nicole Kidman was also a member of the church up until her split with Tom Cruise. Her membership was a sore spot for the organization that considered her a "Potential Trouble Source".


Her father, Dr. Antony Kidman, was a prominent psychologist. The profession is highly frowned upon within the church circles.


Katie Holmes also fell out with the church after her divorce with Cruise in 2012. She was also labeled a 'Suppressive Person' by the church.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta have an ongoing feud over superiority

A security guard who once worked with the church revealed that there was no love lost between Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Both men are perhaps the most prominent members of the church till date.

Brendan Tighe, 37, once worked at the global headquarters of the organization in Clearwater, Florida and had unrivaled access to both stars. According to Tighe, the feud has been going on for several years. It is heightened by the fact that Cruise is much closer to the head of the church, David Miscavige.


The rivalry came to a head in 2008. Cruise was got the Freedom Medal of Valor by Miscavige. This is the highest honor awarded to members of the church. Travolta did not find that pleasant to say the least.


It's no secret that Cruise and Travolta despised each other. Travolta wasn't invited to Cruise's wedding with Katie Holmes, it told me everything. I can assure you Travolta doesn't recognize Cruise as a superior in any way. When Cruise got that medal Travolta was so p***ed off.



Tighe adds that Travolta even wrote a letter to the church expressing his anger that Cruise got the award instead of him.


Travolta dictated a scathing letter to his chauffeur, who had to write to Miscavige asking "what the hell is this medal was all about?"



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Before Cruise joined the church, Travolta was Miscavige’s ‘favorite son’. However, that seemed to change as Cruise got closer to Miscavige. And in his speech during the award, Miscavige said Cruise was the best Scientologist he knew.

The closest person Miscavige had ever said that about before was Travolta, he was told by Miscavige that he was the most dedicated Scientologist and had introduced more members than anyone, so it was like getting his title stripped, he was jealous.

They may smile for the cameras and appear civil in public. But it seems Cruise and Travolta don’t like each other.

His son is a member too

Cruise’s son, Connor Cruise, is also a member of the church. Now 21, Connor was adopted in 1995. Cruise was still married to Nicole Kidman at the time.


Like his father, he enjoys the privileges that come with being a celebrity member. This includes exclusive parking at the Florida headquarters of the organization.


Sources say that Connor has been propositioned to be a face of the church, but there is no evidence to prove he has accepted. For the time being, he remains devoted to the church and is seen often paying visits to the headquarters.

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