Carrie Underwood Shared Her Photo On Social Media After The Recovery From A Nasty Fall That Resulted In 40 Stitches


April 9, 2018 13:16 By Fabiosa

Carrie Underwood revealed her face five months after the nasty fall that left her with the broken wrist and over 40 stitches on her face. The accident took place two days after she co-hosted the 2017 CMA Awards.


Unfortunate accident

Carrie was at her home when the unlucky fall left her hiding from the public for almost half a year. She fell down the stairs and had her wrist broken together with multiple cuts on her face.

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Underwood’s husband was out of town but managed to come back to stay with his wife at the hospital. Despite all the annoying injuries, Carrie repeatedly twitted to her fans that the recovery was flawless until she finally revealed the first photo after the surgery.

Carrie's photo

The photo is posted on Instagram and features Carrie in the recording studio, looking attentively at something.

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There are no visible scars on her face except of black line on her upper lip – however, it can also turn out to be just lightning in the photo. The only picture after the accident featuring Carrie was posted by former Below Deck star Adrienne Gang when both met in the gym.

Underwood continuously thanked her fans for the support and kept them posted about her condition regularly:

I'm so thankful for the doctors, nurses, family & friends who've been taking such great care of me.

Fans' support

The fans couldn’t help being happier when Carrie shared her photo. After such amazing support, Underwood was simply obliged to show her beautiful face after a long break.

We wish Carrie finish her recovery successfully and continue filling her Instagram with even more adorable photos.

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