Godparents For Kate And William's Child: Meghan Markle? Elton John? Or The Queen?

Date April 6, 2018

Kate Middleton and Prince William are thinking hard over the godparents for the upcoming baby. The list is not long, but still, the candidates for the significant role vary from Prince Harry to Elton John, even including the Queen herself.


Meghan godmother?

People assume that Kate will ask Meghan to become a godmother to her third child, as both are now spending a lot of time together. Previously, the two were supposed to be having not the greatest relationship; however, after the Duchess of Cambridge and Markle showed how close they are, the questions about possible hostility immediately disappeared.


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The choice seems logical, but the Queen appeared to be subjective to the decision. As Meghan is still not a part of the royal family, Elizabeth might have her own point of view on the choice of the godparents.

Possible alternatives

Of course, Elizabeth opinion couldn’t be neglected, but the official response from the couple has not been announced yet.


However, bookmaker's shops have analyzed the possible candidates and are accepting the bets from everybody who wants to try their luck in guessing the future godparents of the upcoming baby.

Regardless of Elizabeth’s comments, the odds that Meghan will be officially asked to be a godmother are still high. Here is the full list from the Betfair and the possible bets:

  1. Prince Harry  4/6
  2. Meghan Markle – 10/11
  3. Princess Beatrice – 9/2
  4. Princess Eugenie – 11/2
  5. Pippa Middleton– 7/1
  6. James Middlelton 8/1
  7. James Matthews  12/1
  8. Guy Pelly 14/1
  9. Donna Air 16/1
  10. Mike Tindall 16/1
  11. Elton John 33/1
  12. Prince Charles & Camilla – 50/1
  13. Posh and Becks 66/1
  14. Barrack and Michelle Obama 66/1
  15. Ben Fogle 66/1
  16. The Queen – 100/1

Baby's royal title

Even though Kate and William still keep the gender of the third child in secret, the official title is already known. As its parents are both Cambridge, the kid will bear the similar title.


The full official rank will sound as following: His Royal Highness Prince NAME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or Her Royal Highness Princess NAME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The everyday fancy title will be either His Royal Highness Prince or Her Royal Highness Princess of Cambridge. We are all looking forward to the end of April when Kate finally shows the baby to the world, revealing all previously hidden secrets.

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