Charlize Theron Has Made A Stand Against Trump's Desire To Arm The Teaching Staff During The Forum In Dubai

Date March 19, 2018

Charlize Theron has recently criticized Donald Trump’s intention to arm the teachers and professors of the educational establishments to prevent the further possible accidents similar to the one happened in Florida. She is assured that only severe gun control can solve the urgent issue.


Trump's opponents

The number of celebrities who criticize Trump’s ways of ruling the country is constantly increasing. Robert De Niro has recently provided his insight on the educational problem that is now among the most discussed issues in the society.


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He called Trump’s ignorance unjustified and even miscalled him an idiot, mentioning that he cannot be silent anymore, while Trump treats education as a con.

Increased gun control

With his another declaration, Donald has also received negative discussions from South-African actress Charlize Theron regarding his wish to provide the teaching staff with the weapon to increase self-defensive ability.

Global Education & Skills Forum / YouTube

She claimed that due to her personal experience, when her mother shot her father while Theron was a teenager, Charlize understands the danger of spreading the guns instead of ceasing their number. Moreover, at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, she provides a strong argument claiming that children themselves would not prefer staying at school knowing that their teacher has a gun:

Let's listen to our kids. I don't think anyone of those kids said that was the solution and I am going with the kids on this one. They're the ones coming up with the solution.

Global Education & Skills Forum / YouTube

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Alongside with Theron, the forum has also listened to three other significant speeches of the Florida murder survivors. They have been supportive with Charlize and opted for tighter gun control.

#MeToo issue

The 42-year-old South-African actress has also mentioned about the uprising #MeToo movement. She told that in her sphere, the things are going on a bit different, so a woman talking about the abusing actions towards her in Hollywood is a really brave person.


It is a pleasure to understand that celebrities are not acting ignorantly towards the urgent problems of today’s society. We will sincerely hope that their impact will play a crucial role in solving those problems.

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Charlize Theron