'I Will Always Love You, Momma. RIP My Angel.' Colton Haynes Lost His Mother Due To The Liver Condition

Date March 27, 2018 11:28

Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes lost his mother. The 29-year-old star who is well-known for his Jackson Whittemore role in the popular TV series has recently shared the sorrowful news on his Instagram.

Ill mother

Previously, Colton announced that his mother was in a critical condition. She was suffering from liver cirrhosis and kidney failure. The entire family was working hard to keep Dana in stable condition, as she could have been saved.

All that she needed was a liver transplant, but she didn’t have much time. The list of people in need for the organ is much longer than the list of the donors, so the family just had one thing to do – hope.

Unfortunate death

The doctors informed Colton that the relatives would rather care about the mom’s quality of life but not the quantity. This meant that they didn’t give Dana too much time.

On March 25, Haynes’ mother has passed away at her home, close to her boyfriend Gary, close relatives, and her favorite cat Fasa. The actor paid the touching tribute to his mother and shared it on the Instagram:

Today I lost my best friend, the love of my momma. Words can't express how incredible this woman was. I have so many things to say, but I'm in a state of shock. I will always love you, momma. RIP my angel.

Colton posted the most memorable photos with his mom and is now recovering from the horrible news.

Cirrhosis diagnosing

Cirrhosis is a terrible liver condition. In case your filtering organ is healthy, it can easily recover from minor harms quickly. However, in case of long-term damage, the liver cells are replaced with scar tissue.

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