Jackie Kennedy's Perpetual Style: Milan Fashion Week Devoted To The Iconic Model From The 1960s

Date March 5, 2018

Fashion icon of the 60s Jackie Kennedy has been recently honored during one of the shows on Milan Fashion Week.


Jackie's exquisite style

The First Lady of the 35th American president was a legendary figure. She played the roles of caring mother, loving wife, literature genius, and fashion icon.

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She knew how to amaze the public with her stunning appearance, but at the same time, she worked a lot on her look, spending great resources. After John Kennedy has entered his presidential post, Jackie spent almost $150 thousand on renewing her wardrobe that year (for comparison, John’s annual salary was $100 thousand).


Her style’s distinctive features made all the American women take after her: pillbox hats, oversize glasses, headscarves, elbow length gloves, bows, capes, and other pieces of cloth.


Milan show

Of course, American fashion culture couldn’t help being influenced, and as a result, the entire generation of Jackie clones was born in the US.

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The tales of past can be seen even now. American fashion designer Jeremy Scott has recently organized a show devoted completely to Jackie’s style. Several models, including Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber, were sent down the Milan Fashion Week runway all dressed up like the 35th American First Lady.


Scott added a drop of modernism in there, and apart from the sleeveless shift dresses and pillbox hats, some models’ skin was of a different color to highlight the brightness of the outfit.

Rising star

The 16-year-old rising supermodel was also present on the show.

Публикация от Kaia (@kaiagerber)

That is a tremendous beginning of the career for young Kaia. She has already been a part of great fashion weeks and continues to conquer the modeling world with her stunning beauty. Cindy must be extremely proud of her successful child.


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