Lost Hope: The White House Communications Director Leaves Trump's Team After The Series Of Resignations

Date March 2, 2018 10:57

Hope Hicks is on her way out of the White House and has already packed her suitcase to leave Trump’s team.


Consequent Losses

People are running away from the president’s office like never in former times. Every third employee in Trump’s administration has left the White House since Donald became the leader of the country.

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That is another record for the 45th president but, unfortunately, not very pleasant. In comparison to former America’s leaders, the resignations happen two times more often than during G. Bush ruling and three times when Obama was the president. Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?


No more Hope

This time, another member of Trump’s team is going to abandon the ship.

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Hope Hicks, Donald’s one of the most long-serving advisors, has recently announced her plans to get out of the White House. The president has already thanked his Communications Director:

Hope is outstanding and has done great work for the last three years. She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person. I will miss having her by my side, but when she approached me about pursuing other opportunities, I totally understood. I am sure we will work together again in the future.

Hope has also confessed about telling white lies that was, as she said, the part of her job and adds that she has never lied about Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections.


The interesting fact related to Ms. Hicks is that she was perhaps the only one whom Trump trusted completely and wholeheartedly.

So, why are the most devoted people leave the president? This question remains unanswered.

What has been concealed

Hope’s relatives are concerned about the girl’s mental health. The family claims that the job as Communications Director played a cruel joke with the former model as she was completely unprepared to what she was entitled to do.


We are hoping that after the rehabilitation, Ms. Hicks will find the place where she would feel comfortable.


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