My Gorgeous Angel: The Touching Tribute Of Jade Goody's Husband To His Deceased Wife

Date February 27, 2018

It is already the ninth year when the world misses amazing but scandalous British actress Jade Goody. This anniversary was a special one for her husband, Jack Tweed, who has recently shared a touching tribute to his beloved one.


Attention to Goody

Jade Goody was a unique person. She was controversial on the stage while being completely different in life. The people from her native Essex always claimed that the star was a chatty and welcoming person, and it never matched with the identity that Goody came before her public.

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Her constant racial scandals didn’t allow her to show the talent to its full extent. And even though she has finally found her love, she has soon found the eternal peace as well.


Unfortunate verdict

Jack Tweed is still there for Goody’s legacy. As the British star passed away due to one of the most common types of cancer (cervical), the widower decided to spread the awareness about the disease soon after Jade’s death.

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They got married on February 22, when there was no way out for the 27-year-old actress.


The illness was detected already on the terminal stage, meaning the turmoil was of a golf-ball size and unable to be deleted completely. A few courses of chemotherapy allowed Goody to enjoy this life for a few more months, but on March 22, Jade died.


Memories never die

This year, on the ninth anniversary, Jack shared a moving post, making everybody understand that he will remember the loss forever and will also try to keep the cervical cancer awareness high.

Actually, it is so easy to detect the disease in early stages as everything that is needed is a 2-minute smear done in the hospital for the analysis. Keep your eyes open and your mind fresh – do not neglect your health. The advice from Jack is brief and clear, asking to avoid ignoring the planned check-ups.


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