Sharon Stone Finally Shows Her Incredible Mansion That She Has Been Hiding For 25 Years

Date March 21, 2018 09:50

The place that has been hidden from media for 25 years is finally revealed. Sharon Stone shows her estate that she has bought for the money earned from Basic Instinct and shares amazing stories connected with the mansion.


Happy birthday

The ageless beauty of Sharon Stone can’t keep her fans silent. In her 60s, the American actress looks not older than her 30-year-old colleagues.

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Her dancing and stretching activities constantly help the star keep the perfect shape. The gym is not out of the schedule as well, supported by swimming pool several times a week.

Sharon says that the perfect condition can be achieved only by combining mental and physical health. And she would never get it without being supported by her everlasting fortress in Los Angeles.

Sharon's estate

Sharon Stone has finally shown her gorgeous mansion in LA, where she has lived for the last 25 years.

The actress bought the house for the money from Basic Instinct and hid in it from the annoying fans:

The crazy stalkers tried to get into my house constantly. The police were there all the time until they got annoyed. They told me to pack the suitcase and take the husband to the hotel. I had to find a new house with high gates urgently.

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For a new home, Stone brought antique floors from Agra and the castle in Switzerland. A lot of money was spent on stucco and fireplaces, which the actress considers important for the integrity of space.

The actress’ friend Douglas Tursdale developed the design of the house. Recently, he also helped Sharon upgrade the mansion, dividing the living room into two separate zones.

Now, Stone is able to rest with friends in one part, while in the other, her children can enjoy their favorite TV programs.

Crazy mansions

When it goes about housing, the celebrities can easily go crazy. For example, Jennifer Aniston has also recently revealed her stunning $21 million mansion. The property is simply amazing and deserves being shown to the public.

Hopefully, Sharon Stone has got rid of the annoying stalkers and will need no more police to protect her private life.

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