To Australia Because Of Trump? Matt Damon Dispels The News About Leaving The Country Due To The President

Date March 20, 2018

Matt Damon denies moving to Australia because of Donald Trump’s policy. The American Hollywood star was previously claimed to take his family to Bryan Bay, the location of his new estate, due to the disagreements in the way the president is managing the country.


Possible move

The recent news about Matt Damon escaping from the country shocked the Hollywood world. According to the source, 47-year-old American actor told his colleagues about his intentions to move his wife Luciana Barroso and their four children to the newly bought property in Australia.


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The new estate is located in New South Wales, not far from the famous neighbor Chris Hemsworth. Both actors have recently filmed together in the latest Avengers episode Thor: Ragnarok.

Rumors' dispel

However, Damon’s spokeswoman Jennifer Allen has recently informed that Matt is not leaving the country permanently for the political reasons:

He’s not moving out of the U.S.


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Previously, Damon was also claimed to leave the country for a year to find rest from the Trump’s abusive policy; later he was then announced to take the family to Australia for three months, but that was wrong as well. The last news is genuine: Matt Damon is not going to leave the US for the political reasons.


Inclusion rider

Matt Damon has recently become a part of another hyped news. With Frances McDormand’s Oscars speech, the celebrity world is now excited about the new term inclusion rider.


Shortly, it means that each actor/actress is now able to ask for the diversity in staff while signing the film’s agreement. Matt Damon, together with his friends-colleagues, Ben Affleck and Paul Feig, have also admitted to include the point in their companies’ films.


It is really great to hear that such urgent issues are being solved on such high level. Hopefully, gender and racial problems will decrease after these recent events in the Hollywood world.

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