Indian Symbol Attacks iPhone Users And Makes Their Gadgets Crash

Date February 19, 2018

iOS users have been recently suffering from a simple Indian symbol that makes their iPhones crash.


Apple's recent issues

This winter has been tough for Apple. Several problems with security vulnerability on the first days of December were followed up by a unique date bug, making a smartphone reboot as soon as it gets 12.15 am.

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Apple even tried to fix everything with the patch in the middle of December, but that turned out to be a complete fail when users found out that the app that was aimed to correct everything doesn’t work. While till the end of January the things seem to be solved, the recent disturbing problem made millions of users think hard about their devices.

Indian symbol

The case is that as soon as you receive a strange message in any of the texting applications (iMessage, WhatsApp, Outlook, Gmail, FB messenger), it will immediately stop working, causing a force close.

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The reason for such issues is a simple symbol from the Telugu language, a Dravidian dialect used in India by almost 70 million people.

iDeviceHelp / YouTube

Luckily, Apple is already trying hard to eliminate the problem and is almost ready to provide the users with the phone-saving patch.

Users' concerns

The users are shocked. They had never seen a similar attack before and are scared to receive the annoying symbol.

The reason for the crashes by Indian bug are still unknown, but the patch seems to be working. Nevertheless, people laugh at the problem, considering it not relevant to concern about.

What will be next? Egyptian hieroglyphics? Uto-Aztecan markings? Everybody hopes Apple will finally close all the issues and provide the users with total security.