'I’d Like To Start My Own TV Network': Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Plans On Her Passion

Date March 28, 2018

After the release of her spy thriller, Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence is taking a yearlong sabbatical from acting to focus on activism but shyly revealed in her March 2018 Vanity Fair profile that she has one genius idea to work on before leaving.


Jennifer is a huge reality show fan

During the interview, she shared her passion for reality TV. The actress is recognized as a huge fan of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' and the 'Real Housewives' series.

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Now, she's got a "brilliant idea" for a new show, which she'd love to broadcast on her very own television network that she hopes to own someday.

She said:

I have actually been toying with the idea of becoming a billionaire and I'd like to start my own TV network.

Creating her show has been simmering in her mind for a while


It even seems like JLaw already has a blueprint for this network. She has proven that she can do the work.


I am pretty much a television professional at this point. And I have a brilliant idea for a reality show called 'Break-Up Island.' I can't tell you the details, but there are very distinct cast members like 'The Bachelor,' between the ages of 20 and 50, who you stay with and care about. That's all I'm willing to disclose about 'Break-Up Island' because I really think it's going to happen.

Obviously, Lawrence has thought about this a lot, and although she wasn’t willing to divulge more on Breakup Island, she did stress that it was going to happen.

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It might be Kris Jenner's influence

Jennifer Lawrence, or JLaw as fans like to call her, is already one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, but she doesn’t plan on stop there.


In her September 2017 Vogue cover, she gave an update on the film she is reportedly co-writing with Amy Schumer, in which the two IRL best friends will play "dysfunctional twins."

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