Russell Crowe Held 'Divorce Auction' At Sotheby's And Made Millions

Date April 10, 2018 16:53

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe just sold off a range of artwork, jewelry, musical instruments, and film and sports memorabilia from his private collection in an auction that brought in just over $3.7 million.


The divorce from Danielle

Crowe and Spencer were separated in 2012, though he admitted in 2015 that they hadn't legally split up and he was still in love with her.


At the end of March 2018, Crowe was a guest of radio host Alan Jones about his "Art of Divorce" event, in which he planned to auction 227 personal items, worth millions.

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The process of divorce and no matter how positive you are and in agreement with the fact that you are separated...there's still a lot of really deep things to unwind. So through the course of that, I started to just look around and go, 'How can I celebrate this? How can I put this in a different perspective and actually get some joy out of this instead of just sadness?' So this is what I came up with.

Danielle ended her marriage to Russell in October 2012, and the exes continue to amicably co-parent their two sons Charles, 13, and Tennyson, 10.


While Danielle appears to have moved on, Russell recently said he is no rush to find love again.

How to make money from a divorce 101


The auction in Sydney was given the title "The Art of Divorce" to mark the fact Crowe is about to finalize his divorce from Danielle Spencer, whom he separated from about five years ago.

One of the more unusual items was a leather groin protector Crowe used in the 2005 film Cinderella Man. It was estimated to bring between $500 and $600 but sold for $7,000 to a telephone bidder. It is not clear what they plan to use it for.

WalrusRider / YouTube

Ahead of the auction, Crowe explained why he decided to sell the items.

As I have gotten older, I have started to feel like it is not so much the touchstones of the past, but the clear road ahead that is really important

WalrusRider / YouTube

The total figure at the end of the auction was $3,719,963, with a volume clearance rate of 83.2%.

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Social media was buzzing

As always, the internet loves a good drama with a happy ending, so they were excited for the idea of making money after a divorce. Here are a few comments on the auction.

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