Long-Awaited “Fahrenheit 451” Official Teaser Is Now Available


March 7, 2018 18:55 By Fabiosa

HBO has recently presented the official teaser of “Fahrenheit 451”, starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon. The movie will be based on the Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian novel, and it will show the futuristic society, where books are destroyed with the aim at censoring the knowledge.

In one of the scenes, Jordan’s character, Guy Montag, who is in charge of setting them on fire, tells kids that by the time they grow up, there will be no books at all.

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Shannon, who plays Jordan’s captain, says the following in the trailer:

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing — news, facts, memoirs, internet of old. Burn it. We are not born equal, so we must be made equal by the fire.

HBO / YouTube

The movie is directed by Ramin Bahrani, and David Coatsworth is the producer. The cast of the “Fahrenheit 451” is just awesome: Sofia Boutella, Lilly Singh, Laura Harrier, Martin Donovan, and others. Jordan is the executive producer, producing through his Outlier Productions.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Ray Bradbury’s novel is adapted. In 1966, there was a British film, in 1979 – a play, in 1984 – a video game. Besides, there is a collection of stories with a title “A Pleasure to Burn.”

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“Fahrenheit 451” is expected to be released in May. We are looking forward to seeing it soon, it will truly be a sensation!

By the way, the trailer for the long-awaited documentary "Elvis Presley: The Searcher" is also available.




Source: Source: Variety.com

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