According To The Poll, Prince William And Kate Middleton Will Name Their Baby Mary

Date February 16, 2018 16:56

Prince William and his wife are getting ready to welcome baby number 3. Their baby will be born in April, just in time for the wedding of Prince Harry.


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They want a quiet birth

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are strongly leaning towards making this an at-home delivery. Middleton wants to have a quiet birth, as different as possible from the birth of George and Charlotte. Her first two deliveries were met with a lot of frenzy from the media.



The favored locations for the birth of baby number 3 are Kensington Palace and the Sandringham Estate.

Royal baby #3 has a name

A poll taken to guess the new royal's name suggests that the duke and duchess may have an inclination towards naming their baby Mary.


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Other female names top on the list of guesses are Alice, Victoria, and Diana. The latter would seem an obvious favorite given that it was the name of Prince William's late mom.


The choice of Mary may be a nod to the queen whose third name is Mary. It does not matter much at this point if the gender of the baby has not yet been disclosed by the royal couple.

Kate's pregnancy

You know who is unperturbed by the mounting frenzy around the news of the baby? The Duchess of Cambridge! Not many women can dress a bump with a coat like Kate Middleton.



She is known for her chic and elegant maternity style, and she continues to make even the most casual gown look great.

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