Queen Elizabeth Loses Her Last Beloved Welsh Corgi Willow Due To Cancer

Date April 19, 2018

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience. Pets bring so much comfort and love to our lives, and they do this without asking anything in return.

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Jennifer Garner says goodbye to Regina George

Saying goodbye to these animal friends is often taken for granted or viewed as a mild eccentricity. But, it should be seen as normal. Relationships with pets have been known to fulfill their owners in ways that their human connections cannot.

When Jennifer Garner lost her pet chicken Regina George, she paid a touching tribute to the member of their family on Instagram. Regina George had lived less than one year before she passed.

The Queen's sad loss

As painful as Regina George's passing is, it does not come close to the shock of learning that Queen Elizabeth's last beloved Corgi has died.


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Her Majesty is known to be a Corgi lover. And Willow, 15, was the last of at least 30 Welsh Corgis that once belonged to the Queen, all descendants of Susan. Susan became her first Corgi when she turned 18.

The dog had been battling cancer related illness before she was put to sleep. Daily Mail reports that the decision was made because the Queen did not want Willow to suffer.

Outpouring of love

The royal has received an outpouring of love following her loss.

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She reportedly stopped breeding the Welsh Corgis because of fears that she might trip over a baby dog and hurt herself as she aged. We hope her other dogs, Corgi-Dachshund crossbreeds – Vulcan and Candy – help her deal with Willow's loss.

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