Lara Trump’s Son Looks Exactly Like His Grandpa Donald


Lara and Eric Trump’s adorable baby boy turned five months old on Monday. The proud 35-years-old mom took to Instagram to share his crazy blonde hair that makes him look just like his grandfather Donald.

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Lara often shares photos of Luke, who was born on September 12, showing off his little locks — which he got from his grandfather.

Eric is also partial to posting snaps of his beloved son.

The photo shows his baby boy with his hair styled in a little mohawk while he’s sitting on Eric’s laps.

Fans couldn’t stop comparing him to President Donald Trump. We can definitely see some resemblance.


A post shared by Lara Trump (@laraleatrump)

Lara also posted a cute image of Luke wearing a red and blue striped bib with words 'Future Republican' on it. His wild blonde hair is sticking straight up in the air. She captioned the image with 'Happy day before Friday’.

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One fan wrote a response to the photo:

Maybe he'll be Democrat, you can never know...


Before Trump decided to run for president as a Republican nominee, his whole family had been making donations to Democrats candidates on a frequent basis. Hilary Clinton was one of them.

President Donald Trump in total has nine grandkids from five children.

It looks like he enjoys his role of a loving grandad.

While he was being sworn in as America’s 45th President, one of his grandkids, Tristan Milos Trump, decided to steal the show by making funny faces into the camera, which made many viewers laugh.

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