Prince Of Wales Finally Grants An MBE To The Eurovision Winner In The 60s, Sandie Shaw

Date February 21, 2018 17:59

Sandy and her victory at Eurovision

The singer, Sandy Shaw, was particularly famous in the 60s and 70s of the previous century. This English singer was the first one to win the Eurovision with her astounding hit “Puppet on a String”. It was the year 1967. After that, she continued singing and had a pretty overwhelming career. But in 2013, she decided to say farewell to her music career.



However, it wasn’t the end of her work as a songwriter, she acted in various plays and was even a TV personality.

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An MBE award after 51 years

It took 51 years for the singer, Sandie Shaw, to receive her honor for her brilliant performance at the Eurovision in 1967. On Thursday she received an MBE for her outstanding song and victory from the Prince of Wales. She was one of the top British singers of the 60s. And only now she reaps the benefits of her music career.

While presenting the award, Prince Charles had only one question to the singer. He said:

Why? Why has it taken so long for you to get here?

Her answer was quite impressive. Sandy Shaw explained it by the reluctance of the singers of the 60s to receive any kind of honors. However, now everything is different and it’s a great pleasure and honor for her to receive it at last.



I told him the truth. The truth is that women in music haven’t tended to be honoured in the past, certainly not in the Sixties.

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Cooperation with Tom Jones 

“It’s not unusual” is the song lots of people know and love, but little do they know it was made in cooperation with Tom Jones. Now, we can proudly call him a music maker of the 60s and not only.



This song was the hit in the 60s, but Sandy Shaw didn’t have a chance to sing it. Jones planned to sing it together, but Sandy said he wasn’t good enough for it. So he appeared to perform the song on his own.

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