Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Recreate A Nostalgic Photo With Kids From Over 10 Years Ago

Date March 21, 2018

Time is going quickly. Sometimes, even too quickly. World-favorite Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas decided to remind everyone about the value of time by recreating an old family photo from over a decade ago.


Back to the past

Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a cute photo on her Instagram earlier these days. Catherine, her husband Michael, and their two kids Carys and Dylan went on a weekend trip to their cottage in Canada.

The vacation probably made them feel very nostalgic, and the family couldn’t resist recreating a retro photo taken over a decade ago at the same place.

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In the original photo, Catherine and Michael hold their two children, Carys and Dylan, outside the cottage. The lovebirds look so sweet and young; and the kids resemble little angels. Catherine captioned the picture:

As time goes by. Outside our cottage in Canada.

In the present photo posted by Dylan on his Instagram page, Carys, 14, and Dylan, 17, are now too big to be carried. So, they just recreated the pose by holding their legs to look as if Catherine and Michael really carry them in their arms.

Family moments are always precious. Michael and Catherine often share their family photos on social media.

Here is a cute nostalgic picture from their trip to Hogwarts. The Hollywood couple definitely had a great time together with their kids.

And check this one. The lovebirds look both spectacular during cross-country skiing early morning.

Catherine and Michael know how to enjoy the moment. And the couple’s fans are happy they don’t forget to share these sweet moments with them.


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