Princess Eugenie's Wedding Dress: Who Will Design The Royal's Gown And Will It Differ From Meghan Markle's One?

Date April 13, 2018

It’s going to be tough for Princess Eugenie to have two major royal weddings ahead of her own as there, no doubt, will be comparisons on all levels. Of course, the major attention will be focused on the wedding dress of the bride-to-be and how it will differ from Meghan Markle’s gown.


Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress will be ‘striking’

Princess Eugenie will get married to James Brooksbank in October. It will be the second royal wedding this year - Prince Harry and Meghan Markles will tie the knot in May.



Considering two upcoming royal events, there’s been a lot of suggestions about the wedding dresses of both brides and comparison whose gown will ‘win the battle’.

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Fashion experts claim that Princess will not be outdone by Meghan Markle as Eugenie’s wedding dress “will be striking” and there is no point to compare two young ladies because they have totally different styles.

A famous fashion expert, Siobhan Mulholland-Cox, from Cambridge Vintage Bridal, described Eugenie’s styles as “very contemporary” with “some pretty bold patterns.” Other critics call Princess fabulous and confident lady who manages to mix ‘expensive and not so expensive’ very well.


That is why when it comes to selecting her wedding dress, Princess Eugenie’s choice will be different from those worn by Kate and Meghan.

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Princess Eugenie vs. Megan Markle

Kate Beavis, a fashion expert from Magpie Wedding, said that most likely Princess Eugenie will wear something more contemporary and fashion-forward than Kate and Meghan’s dress choices.

She loves color and I would love to see her wearing something non-ivory, and blush pink would be wonderful with her engagement ring.  I feel she will choose a firm favorite designer who knows what she is all about.

And hair for the bride is one of the most important elements of her image. Princess Eugenie prefers a stylish ‘bob’ haircut since her ten years. It’s always trendy, and it’s very easy to style it depending on the occasion.

As for Megan’s wedding dress, earlier, there have been rumors that Harry’s beloved is going to spend a tremendous sum on her gown.


When Kate Middleton got married to Prince William her wedding gown cost more than $350,000. And while the public thought Meghan would spend $550,000 on a dress, she will probably not risk doing this as the former actress doesn’t want to ruin her good friendship with the royal.


What we know for sure is that both ladies – Eugenie and Meghan – will look gorgeous at their wedding. They will shine from happiness because they marry the men they love.

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