Donald Trump Jr. Is Mocking Obama's Comment On His “Embarrassment-Free Presidency”

Date March 1, 2018 16:35

Former US president, Barack Obama, in his recent monologue mentioned about a drama-free nature of his presidency and the necessity to avoid embarrassing scandals in the White House.  It seems like Donald Trump Jr. took Obama’s comment as a reproof of his father’s presidency, and ‘in revenge’, he shared a tweet mocking Barack’s statement.


Donald Jr. paid back to Obama for his comment about President Trump


Donald Jr. seems to take the things seriously when it relates to any member of his family. In his closed-door speech on Friday, Barack Obama made a certain comment about the current White House administration.

Audio of the private speech was obtained by the Reason magazine and published a few days ago. So, what did Obama said if it offended Trump Jr. so much?

We didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us. Generally speaking, you didn't hear about a lot of drama inside our White House.

Obama’s comment was originally posted by Charlie Spiering on Twitter and caused a huge public reaction.

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In response to this tweet, Trump Jr. shared his own one that apparently aimed to mock Obama’s recent comment about his time in the White House. Donald added a string of ‘laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying’ emojis, obviously in order to express his critical opinion on the matter.


Well, it seems like Trump Jr. is able to do whatever it takes to protect his family from any sharp comments. The good thing is that Twitter allows its users to solve such ‘extremely serious’ situations in a funny way. Sometimes, cute emojis are better than words.

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