Elon Musk’s Father Errol Welcomed A Child With His Stepdaughter Whom He Knew Since She Was 4

Date March 27, 2018

Elon Musk’s father Errol welcomed a baby with his stepdaughter, whom he knew since she was four. Errol explained it as an unexpected twist of fate.

Errol Musk welcomed a baby with his stepdaughter

Errol Musk, a successful entrepreneurial, has been married four times. In his 72, Errol opened up that he welcomed a child with his stepdaughter Jana, whom he knows since she was 4. At that time, Musk was married to Jana’s mother Heide. The couple divorced after 18 years of marriage.

Errol called misunderstanding as a reason for their split and added he gave up on finding a woman who would accept him with all his flaws. So, obviously, Musk managed to find the right girl. Last year, he accidentally met Jana who just broke up with her current boyfriend.

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Errol and Yana talked a lot that night and, suddenly, felt the chemistry between them. Musk called her a “delightful girl,” and Yana said that “he changed her life.”

We were lonely, lost people. One thing led to another…

Considering their unusual relationship, people start arguing about the weirdness of the whole situation. Nevertheless, Musk didn’t react to the offensive comments pointing out that it is God’s plan.



Need to remind that Errol Musk has not so simple relationship with his famous son Elon, a co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX. In one of his interviews, Elon Musk even called his father “evil being.”

My dad will have a carefully thought-out plan of evil… He will plan evil.

We hope Errol will become a better father to his new child. People change, and it’s good when for the better.

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