Peter Capaldi Charges £75 For An Autograph, And Fans Go Nuts

Date February 23, 2018

The MCM London Comic Con is a fan convention that mainly focuses on video games, sci-fi, and cosplay. Twice every year, it opens its hall for a huge exposition of game and film studios and brings many celebrity guests. The event also includes an autograph session with invited stars.


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£75 for an autograph? What?

Peter Capaldi, the former Doctor Who, is one of the main draws at the next Comic Con. He outraged his fans recently. The actor decided to charge £75 for an autograph. Many fans of the show weren’t very happy about it.

Perhaps someone should set up a crowd fund so he can buy himself a nice set of morals instead of a yacht.

He should remember that it is his fans which gave him a wage in the first place, so he should respect their needs.


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Maybe, it is actually reasonable

However, some people were defending actor’s decision. And their arguments are pretty solid:

David Tennant charges $100-$130 for his autograph and Matt Smith to charge $100 for his. Why shouldn't Peter Capaldi do the same? They should be the one making money off their autographs not the people who could turn around and sell them.

This is standard practice. The convention and his agent set the price, not him. It's a sad fact that the more popular an actor is, the more they cost. Plus, having spent this amount on both photo ops and autographs, it is worth it.


What do you think about this? Would you pay so much money for an autograph of your favorite star?


Is Peter Capaldi worth it?

Peter Capaldi is a good person and definitely deserves to be paid more than autograph dealers. Recently, he made a really kind and sweet gesture. Doctor Who’s 9-year-old fan was afraid of upcoming change of lead actor, so Peter decided to write him a letter. In the note, former Doctor Who wrote that “the new doctor always becomes your favorite and the one that goes… well, he never really goes, he is always there, somewhere in time and space.” The actor singed off the letter: “Peter Capaldi – Doctor?” and dated it 23 November 1963. It is the date of the very first episode of the show.

We wish Peter Capaldi luck at the Comic Con as he is going to give a talk at the event!