Mary Berry Revealed She Was Once Arrested At Airport With White Powder In Her Bag

Date April 23, 2018 15:40

If you don’t know who Mary Berry is, you have probably never watched any British cooking shows. She is a Britain’s culinary author and show host. Mary is so good at cooking that even had been in jail for her skills and precaution.


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Tired of your guests?

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of your guests but in a polite and lovely way to not offend anyone? Mary Berry knows not only how to cook tasty and healthy dishes but also how to get people out of her house with style.


Mary is sure that subtlety is the key. She advises to simply start clearing up. Most people would understand the hint that the party is almost over. There are, however, some verbal hints like mentioning “tomorrow's early meeting” or asking people how they are planning to get back home. However, Mary states that she is quite open with her guests and simply tels them: “Ok, time’s up!”


Behind bars

Mary Berry is considered to be national treasure. Believe it or not, she had been arrested once in her life. The 83-year-old told on The Graham Norton Show that this story happened 25 years ago.

I was going to the US to do some cookery demonstrations and was worried that there might be problems. So I weighed out all the ingredients – flour, sugar – and put them all in little plastic bags.


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The next thing happened were several sniffer dogs that lined up right in front of her. Suddenly, as she called them, ‘uniformed people’ surrounded the woman and her personal assistant. Authorities put them in separate cells.

It was alarming. When I was asked if I was going to make money from the stuff, I said, 'I do and my fee has already been agreed.'

There’s also one peculiar thing about Mary Berry. The woman was accused of body-shaming chef Nathan Outlaw on her new BBC show “Classic Mary Berry.” She made a joke after Outlaw shared his positive experience with windsurfing:

You, windsurfing? You must go very fast… Bit of weight on that board!


To be honest, there’s nothing bad in a small joke. Furthermore, Nathan himself laughed alongside Mary. The chef also said that he’s a fan of full-fat yogurt because “you can’t get a body like this eating low-fat.”

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