No Logan, Just A Regular Nice Man - Hugh Jackman's Face For Traffic Jam!

Date November 23, 2017 12:31

Here you go:

"You don't make money sitting in traffic." Wayne Huizenga

That is the most common traffic jam face expression for the majority of us! We feel like we lose things: time, money, humanness at times) That situation is like an armed robber and it drives us crazy.


Most of us do, but not this guy! Hugh Jackman is good not only in the movies. If you love him a lot, you are going to adore him after you see his regular traffic jam face he shared on Instagram. He tagged it Thanksgiving, too.

We may expect from him all kind of reactions to being stuck on the road. This seems to be a very appropriate one for Logan. Arn't you glad no real wolverines drive cars during the peak hours?!


However, Hugh shared THIS! A very humanlike, calm and composed reaction. Just bored a little, but he seems to be Ok with the situation. This photo should be turned into a traffic jam meme.

Instead of getting angry and blowing off, he just seems to say: it is what it is! The man has some wisdom to share with the world. He said:

"Anyone who think they are indispensible is fooling themselves."

Hugh knows other people are as important as he is and respects them in any situation. I hope in this festive season we all will follow his example and show little more love for each other! Ban the wolverine reaction and just stick with a human one!

Hugh Jackman