Mike Douglas Congratulated His Legendary Dad, Kirk Douglas, On His 101st Birthday

Date December 11, 2017

On December 9, 2017, Kirk Douglas celebrated his 101st birthday. The legendary Oscar-nominated actor is one of a few living representatives of Hollywood's Golden Age. And on the day of his birthday, his eldest son Michael Douglas went to Facebook to pay tribute to his legendary father.

Kirk Douglas started his acting career at the age of 30 and soon enough he became one of the leading Hollywood stars of that time. He played nearly a hundred roles, appearing mostly in westerns and dramas. Kirk won a Golden Globe back in 1957 and was nominated for an Oscar for the Best Actor three times.


Kirk Douglas is also a well-known philanthropist. Along with his wife Anne, the Hollywood legend supports several causes ranging from helping children's hospitals to funding Alzheimer's treatment facilities.

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The birthday boy is also a founder of one of the most successful Hollywood dynasties of our time. He has four sons: Michael, Joel, Peter, and Eric, and each one of them is somehow involved in the entertainment industry.

His eldest son Mike was not the only one who posted a sweet message dedicated to the iconic actor. Kirk's daughter-in-law and Mike's wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, also wrote a few kind words on her page on Instagram.

Kirk Douglas is surely one of the brightest talents in Hollywood. We join the congratulations from his family members and with the legendary actor long and happy years.

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