Ben Affleck Opened Up About His Struggles With Alcohol Addiction And How Jennifer Garner Helped Him Get Through It

Date November 24, 2017

American actor Ben Affleck has been gracing our TV screens for over three decades, and he has experienced several ups and downs. There were times when it seemed like his career was taking a downward turn, but somehow, he managed to get himself back on track.


His spirit of resilience and determination to keep going was not only evident in his career alone. In his personal life, Affleck has had to deal with major struggles, one of which was his alcoholism.

Childhood experience with alcohol

The 45-year-old actor's battle with alcoholism began at a very young age. In fact, his childhood experience of watching how his father, Timothy, battled the same disease may have had a bigger effect on him than he probably realized.

While speaking to Barbara Walters in 2012, he said:

[My father] was an alcoholic... I did know that as a child. He drank a lot. My father was a -- what did they call him -- a real alcoholic. He, you know, drank all day, drank every day.

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Even though his father eventually got sober, the whole ordeal left an impression on young Ben. He did say, in an interview with Dailymail, that having his best friend, Matt Damon, and brother's support helped him get through the rough times.

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His own struggles with alcoholism

After the release of Good Will Hunting, a movie which shot the actor and his friend, Damon, to fame in 1997, the then 24-year-old Affleck shared that he had stopped drinking. He was not very proud of the things he did when he was drunk, and he decided that enough was enough.

But as they say, easier said than done. In 2001, he went into rehab after partying too hard. Over the years, he seemed to get on and off the drinking wagon.

However, those around him saw a change when he married Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner in 2005. Being a father not long afterward also had a positive influence on the actor.


The couple, however, announced their split in 2015, and since then, it seemed Affleck's struggle intensified. This year alone, he had suffered a string of relapses ,including one major one in September, according to People.

Asking for help

No matter how bad things were, Affleck had always had no problems asking for help. It was reported that after his most recent relapse, his ex-wife and his brother helped him get back into inpatient treatment for a few days. One of Affleck's friends reportedly told People:

This is a lifelong battle, not one that he takes lightly. His focus is on his family and getting better so that he can continue with what he loves.

According to a family source, Garner was always there for him even though they are no longer together. She simply wanted him to get better for the sake of their three children.

Despite all the controversies surrounding the actor and his setbacks, we have to give him props for always asking for help when he needed it. The fact that he was always open about his struggle and those around him were there for him serves as an inspiration to others. It reminds people that having love and support around you can get you through almost anything. We wish Affleck all the best as he continues to try to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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