Hugh Jackman Is Inspired By People Who Have Courage To Talk About Sexual Harassment

Date November 23, 2017

In the past several weeks, prominent men in Hollywood have been exposed for participating in varying degrees of sexual assaults and harassment.

Big names, such as Harvey Weinstein, Roy Price, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and John Lasseter, have made headlines after victims reported that they were assaulted by these men.


It seems like more people are speaking about the degrading experiences they have endured in Hollywood.

Hollywood Reporter's editor-at-large, Kim Masters, is of the opinion that the story is not over yet. The Harvey Weinstein saga opened a floodgate, which, for many years, was kept closed and hidden. Seeing people speaking against the Hollywood film executive inspired many others with similar experiences to expose their own abusers.

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A number of celebrities have expressed their appreciation to the victims for sharing their stories. It is the hope that by continuing to uncover this dark side of Hollywood, the industry will get a much-needed cleanse. One of such celebs who was inspired by the courage of the victims is Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman is 'humbled'


Jackman was recently on the Envelope Roundtable for lead actors when the issues of the sexual harassment scandals and stories currently shaking up Hollywood came up. The actor was quick to express his opinion and talked about what all this could mean for the American film industry.

I just have unbelievable empathy and am so inspired by all of the people coming out.


He mentioned that the stigma and shame attached to the subject have kept many victims quiet for years, but "the amount of courage it takes to step forward is humbling to me." He added:

I’m really glad the conversation is out there, it’s a great opportunity beyond our industry, really amongst society. An issue which has obviously been sort of pasted over is no longer.

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The fear of speaking up

One question that usually comes up is why the victims waited for so long to talk about what happened to them. Apart from the shame that they may feel, NPR also explains that there are legal ramifications to be considered.

In an article that examines the subject, the website mentions that sexual misconduct is often hard to prove in court. So, when victims make accusations, it is easy for perpetrators to sue them for libel.

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There are also cases whereby some employees sign non-disclosure agreements, so even if they are being harassed by employers, they are not allowed to say anything as this becomes a breach of contract that can get the assaulted persons in trouble.

Courage in numbers

What we have now come to notice is that the more people come out and share their stories, the more they inspire others who have been hiding for so long. There is a snowball effect, so to speak, and we can see what Masters was trying to say. If this continues, then the belief is that more of these prominent men will be exposed as time goes on.

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Hugh Jackman