First "Bond Girl", Ursula Andress, Is 81 And Her Health Has Deteriorated Because Of Osteoporosis

Date December 18, 2017 16:09

It has been 54 years since the first Bond movie appeared and with it, the first Bond girl. Incredibly enough, being the first Bond girl has been a real game-changer for Ursula Andress. However, she is 81 today and her health much like her looks is not what it used to be.

Life and career

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The first Bond movie, Dr. No, was actually a small-time film at the time. Featuring a relatively unknown Sean Connery, no one could have guessed it would become such a hit. But it did, and it made the careers for both Connery and Ursula. In the following years, she starred in various A films such as the Clash of the Titans and Perfect Friday.

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As it is expected from gorgeous women, her love life was a rollercoaster ride. She was dating the handsome James Dean at the time of his death and had a long romance with the known charmer Jean-Paul Belmondo. Married four times with one child, she says that her son is in spite everything the most important figure in her life.

Health problems

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The years went by, but Ursula lived the same fast-paced life as ever. In her seventies, the actress went skiing and was having an overall active life. However, a couple of years ago she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. This illness that usually attacks seniors makes the bones brittle and weak.

Learning about the diagnosis was a hard blow for the aging actress. With osteoporosis, even the smallest accident can cause bone fractures. Considering her lifestyle, the former model will have to be very careful in doing the things she adores so much in her life. She said:

I am passionate about life and the things I love, such as my garden at my home in Italy, tending to my animals and seeing my friends. It would devastate me if I could not enjoy those things because my body had let me down.

Forever the first and the best Bond girl

There is a consensus among James Bond fans is one of the best Bond girls in the entire series. It is said that no other girl could match neither her looks nor her allure.

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