Roma Downey Talks About The Relationship She Had With Della Reese

Date November 27, 2017

A few days ago, Earth lost a kind person and good actress.

Della Reese passed away. She was only 86-year-old. Her life and work inspired millions worldwide, and her absence is definitely felt by many, especially by her co-star and longtime friend, Roma Downey.


The close relationship between Roma and Della

Roma and Della met on the set of Touched by Angels, and the two have been close since.

In the show, Della played Tess, an angelic supervisor who sent out angels on missions to help people redeem their lives and show them God's love, while Roma played Monica, one of Tess' underlings. Della's character was wise and sassy but also provided emotional support for Roma's personage throughout the series.


Their on-screen bond developed into a friendship that lasted till Della's passing. The two were often seen together at events, award ceremonies, and in public.

Roma's remarks about her relationship with Della

Of her on- and off-screen relationship with Della, Roma said:

She's very wise. She's very loving. She can be a little gruff at times, but she's always adoring and adorable. I lost my mother when I was very young, and during my whole adolescence and into my twenties, I'd been looking for a mother figure, and I really think I can say with absolute truth and sincerity that I feel that I finally found her in Della Reese.

She would later go on to say:

I think I'll just always remember the feel of her neck against my cheek when she hugs me and the love I know that she has for me and the love that I feel for her and the love that she has for God. To know Della is to know that she loves God.


Della passed peacefully at her home

In a statement, Roma said that the actress died peacefully at her home in Los Angeles.

As many of you know already my beloved momma Miss Della Reese passed away peacefully last night at her home surrounded by love,” she said, “She is now at rest and I am certain heaven has a brand new angel.”

A tribute to Della by Lightworkers Media

The team at Lightworkers Media put together a tribute video showing highlights of Reese's career, and Downey (who is President of Lightworkers Media) shared one of her favorite scenes from the show.

In this scene, Tess takes Monica in her arms and to comfort her as she sings to her,” she said.

Della was a hugger and there was no safer place in all the world than in her loving arms.


We will love you forever, and we will never forget you, Della.

You touched all of our lives with your courage, talent, faith, goodness, wisdom, generosity, loving heart, and beautiful amazing voice. Thank you for walking this way with us.

May you Rest In Peace forever.

She may be gone, but Della's soul will definitely live on in the hearts and screens of many worldwide.

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