Turkish Plane Skidded Off The Runway And Almost Plunged Into The Sea

Date January 18, 2018

On January 14, the aircraft of the low-cost carrier, Pegasus Airlines, successfully took off from Ankara with more than 160 passengers and 6 crew members on board, including pilots and flight attendants. It landed in Trabzon on the Black Sea coast on Saturday night. But upon landing, the plane suddenly veered off the slippy runway at the airport and almost plunged into the sea water!

Panic on board

Later, the Turkish national news agency revealed that there was a great panic among people, and the crew could not even cope with it. One of the passengers recalls that the plane bent over, its rear went up, and all started screaming.

There was panic, people shouting.

They had to evacuate quickly through the back door, and passengers pushed and shoved one another, hence trying to get out sooner than others do. At one point, people smelled kerosene, so they were afraid that it could explode or burn.

Probable causes

The incident may have occurred owing to the extremely unfavorable weather conditions. It was raining heavily, so the runway was too wet. As a result, when landing, the aircraft had some difficulties with braking due to a high speed. After the accident, the airport was closed for several hours for investigation. It is now known that there were no signs of alcohol in the crew members’ systems.

Happy ending

Local authorities comforted those interested by revealing that no one was hurt following the incident. Still, some decided not to risk their lives and go to the hospital to double check, but all turned out to be unharmed.

Now, the Internet is full of the snaps from the runway that show the plane lying with its nose down on the slope of the cliff a few meters from the water. A horrifying image, but luckily, everything worked out!

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