Ellen DeGeneres: Her Achievements, Life, Career, And Charity Work

Date November 24, 2017

Ellen DeGeneres, a hostess of the most popular and commercially successful TV talk show “The Ellen Show,” shared a photo of herself receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the former president, Barack Obama, with an emotional message “Happy anniversary to us.”

Photo on Instagram

One year ago, Ellen DeGeneres accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama. Ellen is a prominent figure whose talent and work helped change the minds of millions of Americans. She is a great speaker who is not afraid to raise public attention to the most important problems considering education, environment, economy, and politics.

To celebrate the anniversary of the date when she received this tremendous award, Ellen posted this awesome photo on Instagram, which had a positive feedback from her followers. Their great reaction totally represents how much people love Ellen, her show, and all the great things she does for the community.


Ellen’s facts


Ellen DeGeneres was born in Louisiana; until 13, she was raised as a Christian Scientist.

In her early years, Ellen changed different jobs. She worked as a waitress, oyster shucker, and even vacuum cleaner saleswoman.

She began her onstage career as a stand-up comedian when she was 23.



DeGeneres made her breakthrough when she appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.”

Her most remarkable acting role was in the popular sitcom “The Ellen Show,” which was on air from 1994 to 1998.


Since 2003, she hosts one of the most popular and commercially successful TV talk shows “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” usually called just Ellen’s.

Ellen is also a talented author. Her comical book “My Point…and I Do Have One” became a bestseller according to the New York Times list.

Ellen’s tribute

On April 2017, Ellen made a special tribute to the 20th anniversary of one of the most talked moments of her former sitcom Ellen. You may watch it in the video below.

‘Dreamers’ message

Ellen is known as a vivid supporter of Dreamers, immigrants who came to America as children and try to build their lives there. This DACA program was created by Barack Obama in 2012.

Two days ago, the star posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a black T-shirt with a signature on it: "We Are All Dreamers." Ellen admitted that her aim is to attract public opinion to the life difficulties of immigrants and their rights to live, study, and work in the United States.

DeGeneres likes to help other people. She is famous for her charity work and her participation in numerous social programs. Last year, the star donated a huge sum to different charities.

Ellen DeGeneres is a prominent public figure, and it’s hard to evaluate her great contribution to American culture and television industry. She is a person with an incredible sense of humor and self-irony. Ellen is just one-of-the-kind, and we love her for that.

Source: Source: theellenshow / Instagram

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