'Eagle Has Landed': Dwayne Johnson Shared His Hawaii Photo And Sang The Rainbow Song (Video)

Date November 27, 2017

Eagle has landed. Great to be back home!

Dwayne Johnson went to Hawaii to enjoy “the press junket” devoted to the release of the upcoming “Jumanji” movie.

Rock enjoys ‘aloha spirit’

"The Rock" shared a post on Instagram about the magical weekend he spent on Hawaii. As one of the stars of the continuation of the awesome "Jumanji" story, Johnson went to the island to welcome “all press friends” in front of the movie release. Being famous for his awesome sense of humor, Johnson hilariously signed his post as "Eagle has landed."


Dwayne admits that Hawaii means something really special for him. This is the place where he can fully enjoy a natural tropical beauty. The star was extremely happy to come back to the place which has stolen his heart. He loves its beautiful culture, beautiful people, and incredible “aloha spirit.”

If magical things should somehow happen to you while you’re here in Hawaii like driving directly thru a rainbow, meeting the love of your life.... well, you have me to thank for that, because I’ve spoken to the Gods and wished that upon you.

"Somewhere over the rainbow"

Dwayne Johnson revealed another talent, It appears the star has incredible vocal skills. While admiring the beauty of surrounding nature, "The Rock" couldn’t resist singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” to express how much he loves Hawaii.

Dwayne seemed to enjoy his vacation a lot. The star knows how to have some fun. Hawaii is not the place to get boring, especially if you hang out there with "The Rock."

Source: Source: therock / Instagram

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