'By Rights, I Shouldn’t Be Here': After His Battle With Cancer, Ronnie Wood Feels Incredibly Lucky To Be Alive

Date March 5, 2018

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood revealed he was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. He also shared how agonizing the decision to have an operation rather than chemotherapy because he did not want to lose his hair. Now, he has got a new lease on life.

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He wasn't ready to let go of his six children and eight grandchildren

Guitarist or painter? Both apply equally to Ronnie Wood. He is one of those rare human beings that have been given two incredible talents.

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Ronnie has six children and six grandchildren. In 1976, he had his first son, Jesse, with ex-wife Krissy Findlay. He also has two children with Jo Wood, Leah, and Tyrone, who were both born before the couple tied the knot. Leah has followed in her dad's footsteps and become a musician, having supported David Bowie on tour.

Jesse has become a successful musician as the guitarist for band Reef. Tyrone is a guitarist but mainly works as a private art dealer. While married to Jo, Ronnie also adopted her son Jamie from her previous marriage to Peter Greene.

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And he now has twin girls with Sally Humphreys, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. In 2014, Ronnie Wood became a grandfather for the eighth time.

Ronnie Wood was diagnosed with lung cancer last year

During a routine health check, his doctor asked if he could also check his heart, lungs, and blood and discovered what Wood described as:

a supernova burning away on my left lung … He asked me what I wanted to do and my answer was simple: ‘Just get it out of me.’

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The cancer hadn’t spread to his lymph nodes, meaning there was the option of surgery.

Wood, who smoked for 50 years before giving up when his wife gave birth to twin daughters, said that he hadn’t considered chemo – but not because he didn’t think it would work.

It’s more I wasn’t going to lose my hair. This hair wasn’t going anywhere. I said, ‘No way.’ And I just kept the faith it would be all right.”

He had to wait for a week before receiving his test results:

There was a week when everything hung in the balance, and it could have been curtains, time to say goodbye.

He fought cancer and was given a ticket for new good life

Waiting ???????????????????????? ???????? ???? #38weeks+

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Wood said he was worried about the side-effects of chemo, mainly because he did not want to lose his hair. It was cut out in a five-hour operation, and he has since been seen out and about.

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Incredibly grateful for his life, he confessed:

I’m OK now. But I’m going to have a check-up every three months. They caught it early. People have to get checked. Seriously have to get checked. I was bloody lucky, but then I’ve always had a very strong guardian angel looking out for me. By rights, I shouldn’t be here.

That's excellent advice, Ronnie!

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