Fashion From The Eighties: Trends Are Inspired By The Big Shoulder Phenomenon

Date March 8, 2018

Shoulder pads initially became popular in the 1930s


First created as a means to protect American football players from injuries, shoulder pads were only adopted by women in the 20th century when the sheer volume of absent men allowed females to take over the many jobs left unattended.


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From that time, the women were not performed only house chores. Moreover, their fashion choices have also changed.


Elsa Schiaparelli is widely credited as the designer who officially introduced the shoulder pad to women’s fashion. In the early 1930s, the French designer incorporated them into women’s suiting.

Princess Diana was a revolutionary part of fashion in the eighties


Princess Diana holds a special place in the hearts of people around the world, and her iconic style continues to captivate audiences to this day. And though royal comparisons have been made between Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales had a fashion sense of her own.


20 years have passed since Diana's tragic death; her signature sartorial flair remains a classic. One-shoulder tops, off-the-shoulder tops, chokers, corset belts, even tossing a jacket over your outfit and wearing it on your shoulders were all things Princess Diana wore before they were, well, a thing.

Trends are inspired by the big shoulder phenomenon


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Some might say no era’s style is as equally loved and hated as the period from 1980 to 1989. It was a time filled with legwarmers, high-cut spandex, sequins galore, and lots and lots of neon.



You’ve probably noticed there’s been a pretty heavy resurrection of ’80s fashion trends both on the runway and the streets lately. It’s a risky look—but if you know how to interpret the style, it’s possible to pull it off without looking like you’re going to a costume party.

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