14-Year-Old Boy Recovers From Aggressive Cancer After Doctors Said He Had Hours To Live

Date March 6, 2018

Two years ago, doctors told Emma and Adrian Rafferty that their 13-year-old son, Jake, had just hours to live. He had been diagnosed with an aggressive tumor that had covered up to 8 vertebrae.

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Bad news

On the advice of the doctors, a complex surgery was performed on Jake. The procedure left the young sport enthusiast wheelchair bound and paralyzed from the waist down.

He returned to the London hospital where he was treated at the beginning of 2016 to fix metal rods in his spine. There, a pre-operation scan turned up with additional tumor in his spine and several areas in his brain.

As the tumors raged on and doubled in size, even after surgery, Jake's parents resolved in their hearts to do everything possible to save their first son. The doctors had already told them that Jake would not make it no less than 15 times in the past.

Alternative treatment

Emma reveals that they had spent in excess of £25,000 in consultation fees, private scans, and import fees.

She began to research alternative treatment options and came across the Cellect-Budwig protocol, a dietary treatment aimed at advanced cancer patients. She and her husband, both Metropolitan police workers, could barely afford the new option, but they went ahead with it.

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The cost of the special food supplements was up to £600 a week, and it was only available in America. They began to work with several experts in America, India, and Spain as well.

It was around this time that Jake fell ill again, and the doctors informed them that he had hours to live. His stomach and bowel had stopped working.

Miraculous recovery

They brought him to their Britannia Close home to die, but miraculously, his condition began to improve.

Jake began to regain some muscle movement, and an MRI scan a week later showed that he was getting better. Emma said:

They said they could not see any tumours in his brain and those in his spine had shrunk.

The supplements, organic food, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy paid off greatly.

Jake, who goes to the Malling School, is now receiving physiotherapy treatments and has occupational therapy sessions at a specialist hospital. His parents are seeking funds for a specialist equipment, which will help him with weight bearing movement.

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