Donald Trump's First Wife Ivana Is 69

Date February 21, 2018 10:23

It's Ivana Trump's birthday today. The businesswoman who was once married to President Donald Trump turns 69, and she still looks great.


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Trump's first wife

The former model, who is originally from Czech Republic, married the current president when he was an aspiring real estate mogul in New York. She was considered the classic 80s wife by many.


After her divorce from Donald Trump, her second husband, she got a tidy $20 million settlement and continued her life as a socialite. She wrote a book on divorce and even became a novelist.


Her 2017 autobiography, "Raising Trump", talks about her early life and Trump's children.

"The Donald"

Although, she was remarried and is once again divorced, there is a reason she has remained one of the president's close friends. It has little to do with the fact that she bore him his three older children.


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Ivana is known for her drive and business sense. She was vital to helping Trump become a businessman of repute in New York.


This was long before he became the man behind the show, "The Apprentice".  She reportedly gave him his name "The Donald".

She is still Trump's confidant

Even as the US President, Donald Trump has continued to seek her advice. She recently told CBS News that the president sought her opinion on love for tweeting, and she told him to continue.


She reportedly told him:

 I think you should tweet. It's a new way, a new technology.

Ivana considers herself to be a first lady in her own right. According to the Czech native, she has a direct number to the White House.


She says she could have become the American Ambassador to Czech Republic if she wanted to, but she refused Trump's offer.

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Donald Trump