Chevy Chase Reveals He Was Beaten By A Young Driver During Roadside Confrontation

Date February 26, 2018

Actor Chevy Chase says he was attacked when he confronted a New York driver who cut him off.


The 74-year-old actor was driving in Westchester on February 9 when a pickup truck driver cut him off.


According to his account, he was kicked to the ground after he chased down the driver to confront him.


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The truck driver, Michael Landrio, 22, confirmed that he kicked Chevy Chase, but he said he had done it to defend himself from the much older man.


He says the actor lunged at him and said, “I am going to ruin your lives!”

The driver did not know Chase

The incident that led to the brawl happened at the Tappan Zee Bridge in Westchester.


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Landrio said the Saturday Night Live icon was unfamiliar to him. When he came up to them, he was supper pissed, and they could not hear most of what he was saying.

Second-degree harassment

On his part, Chase told police that he went after the driver and his party because he thought his vehicle had been damaged. He flashed his lights and followed the driver until he gave in and pulled over.


The actor has confirmed that his vehicle was not damaged, but the driver, a UPS worker from Long Island, has been charged with second-degree harassment and a violation. He was released on an appearance ticket, but he is expected in court on March 5.

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